Buy Back Scheme

We are offering a buy-back scheme to all competitors who wish to sell their bikini’s, posing suits and shoes.We will offer up to 50% of the original purchase price for bikini’s that have never been worn or worn once, that are in mint condition, do not have any tan stains, and if we find the bikini suitable for our collection.  

If you wish to sell your bikini please contact info@rent-a-kini.com.au with images of your bikini and the price you wish to sell your bikini for.  A copy of the original purchase invoice/receipt or proof of purchase is required should you wish to sell your bikini for 50% or more of the original purchased price.

If we are interested in the bikini we will advise of our intent to purchase.  If the bikini arrives and does not fit the description, has tan stains on it or is damaged we reserve the right to return the bikini and expect a full refund in return.

We are looking for bikini’s of all sizes, the blingier the better as these are the styles of bikini’s that we will be able to rent out easier.

If you would like further information regarding this please contact Rent-A-Kini on 0403 604 796.